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June, 2020

The idea is simple; gather a bunch of talented artists and a literature student together, ask the literature student to write a novel and then ask the artists to convert that story into what you are now reading. We also want to inspire younger students (the future Picassos and Van Goghs of the world). To do this we decided to let secondary school students design concept art which would become the main characters for this graphic novel. You can see some of the original art work in the back of this book, go look! Hopefully, it will be encouraging for these teenagers to see their creations turned into the characters you see within this book. Ultimately, we want to continue this little adventure. All the money raised from the sales of our products will go back to the students, we will employ graduating students who will continue to make graphic novels and pay commission to the student artists and authors involved. It is important to us that we pay the students. I hope you enjoy A World Apart. It was lovely to have so many wonderful people involved with its creation and we look forward to making many more.


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