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The Book of Nonsense

THC, 2022

Whom (one may question) is more #random?

1. A human person attempting to indeed be #random or...

2. An A.I. text generator attempting to predict what comes next?


Paragraph by paragraph, we both will attempting to explain a particular subject.

Subects which I;

(a) do not know what I will write for and;

(b) nor of which what the A.I. may respond with.

Together however, we will write a book from subjects broken down by an A-Z format.

A being a subject beginning with the letter A, and;

Z being a subject beginning with the letter Z, and; so forth.

Read an excerpt below:


If you are reading this with the interest/intention of creating a book, allow me to offer you a valuable tip in writing. If you are writing a fictional book with characters, the characters must occasionally talk. Outside of these conversations, you must then describe the scenario and express an idea of the environment.


Please see the following example:

It was a dark and stormy night when Tyrion, a 32 year old man from Texas, attempted to overcome his fears of “the shadows”. He admits this way of life was holding him back, so he galloped into the forest with the intention of overcoming his fears. Beneath him, Tyrion looked down.

“No.“ Tyrion said in anger. Not just beneath him, he could see them, eyes wide and terrified. Shadows where there had been people only a moment ago. He stood with his shield arm still raised, he sat on his horse and cradled in his arms. What he had spotted was a Hound who had stopped and was staring.

This Trant hound was down on one knee, blind and senseless. Stumbling to his feet, trying to get a glimpse of the man infront of him (or her).

“He`s not dead” Tyrion said, praying it was so.

He leapt down, grasped the horse`s mane. Tyrion turned to his horse and demanded ”get your blood to the wolf”. The hound, let the mare under.

”No!” The girl screamed again (the horse was female).

”No!” She was climbing to her feet, trying to reach them.

The horse was black, her face dirty, tears running down her cheeks.

Tyrion had never seen anything more pitiful in all his life. He slipped his arms under her and into heaven.


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