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Feb 2017

Introduction It's a dog chase ball word out there, as these two back door dogs learn the hard way... meaning they leave their back garden to chase a ball... anyway, this was originally a short comic strip/web comic series for local sales and online release, but after the creation of Mann Tails, the dogs found their way back in the picture, as you may have already gathered from reading the front story of this book first, unless of course you started on this side... Tell you what, flip this book and read Mann Tails first, then you'll get what I mean. Spoilers for where these two crazy K-9s end up... on second thought, maybe it's best you read this side first. I dunno. Dual stories are confusing.
Copyright © 2020 Neb Comics
This is the second edition of the Two Dogs One Brain comic strip series published by Neb Comics. Available online at Reprinted 2020 First Edition printed 2015 ISBN 978-0-244-53832-3

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